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May 22, 2019
It is a great book that covers test automation for actual enterprise software. It does not concentrate on the new shiny cloud based microservice tech of the week, but instead offers a comprehensive overview of test automation for actual large brown field projects with its legacy code, messy dependencies, msi installers (yes, more than one) on an actual DVD, unmaintained and broken automated tests written by that intern from two years ago, undocumented and forgotten features that one customer might still be using somewhere, etc. It's a book for taking the messy real world and bringing it step by step closer to the unicorn world with perfect test coverage and a team that uses those tests to accelerate and drive feature development.

On the negatives, I found many typos and incorrect sentence structures that break the flow of reading for me. It's not that bad, but it is annoying to stop mid-sentence and have to re-read it because a word was missing or something similar once or twice every chapter.

But don't let the form keep you away from the content. It helped me answer many questions like what types of tests should we begin with (Integration tests? Synthetic tests? Acceptance tests?), what to mock and not to mock depending on the type of test, who should develop the tests in our organization, what benefits should we expect, etc. I will definitely refer to the wisdom in these pages for years to come.
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