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Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2020
This book sucks.

I got it as part of a California bar prep course. I have 2 weeks to go until the bar exam and I just threw this thing in the trash.

The only good part about this book is that it lists what questions belong to what part of a subject, i.e. justiciability in constitutional law. All MBE books should have this. Too bad no one double-checked the accuracy of the table of contents. The lists contain many questions not in the correct categories.

As for the questions themselves, they are poorly written, give insufficient information to make a choice, give flat out wrong answers, and even occasionally contradict each other. For example, the book has two questions regarding the power of states to regulate commerce. The two questions have essentially identical fact patterns, the book applies the same rule to both questions, but gives different answers using the same reasoning.

Emanuel should be embarrassed for putting this on the market. Do not buy this!
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