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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2019
I find that since I started reading Jack Reacher, my emails are inundated with tons of other thrillers about ex-soldier doing people right.....they have found to be much more fast paced but I love the cerebral aspect of Lee's writing....while I still enjoy reading them, I've broaden my wish, about THIS's fast paced and Jack takes little time in getting his revenge, but my problem with THIS book was the "book within the book".....he was after an old nemesis any way but lee kept going back to 10 year old flashbacks to set the stage of just how bad this old nemesis was, problem being, it seemed to take half the book...jack reacher doesn't need a half book or so to "set the stage", heck, just say what he did wrong and we'd believe the mission.....but every water wave and every tree and new room he enters gets 10-15 pages of in depth description so you can imagine just how long this "other book" was.....just too much for just felt this was done in effort to write yet another 500 page book--which so far all of them have proven to be....think i'll shelve jack reacher for a while and go back to the more thrilling and come back to jack later...
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