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Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2009
Although this book is not oriented towards agile software development, it's still a solid resource for anyone new to test automation. It's pragmatic, practical, clearly written, easy to understand. I especially like the six "Keys" for automation payoff. The authors explain the reasons for automating - it might seem obvious to some but many newbies don't see all the potential benefits. The book also blows through automation myths. There's a lot of emphasis on ROI, which is often overlooked.

Where the advice I give on automation differs from this book is making it a whole team effort, rather than the test team only, but that's easier to do in an agile setting. Also, the authors do talk about things like interviewing stakeholders, and getting people with the right skills, these are all so important.

I wish the book had a section on continuous integration and automated build process. I think in another few years nobody will question the need for this, any more than people currently question the need for automated source code management. Whereas a few years ago nobody in my conference tutorials was doing CI, nowadays about a third of the people are. I think it's so critical to have a way to continually run all the automated regression tests every time new code is checked in. The book makes a passing reference to this, and it does mention test automation at different levels starting at the unit level, but it doesn't explain why you need a build process and how to set one up.

Nevertheless, it's a great resource, and will give readers a good grip on the fundamentals of test automation. I get so frustrated when people think it's impossible to automate, or that they have to hire some expensive consultant to get it done. This book will enable teams to be much more successful. It is a good overview of all the different areas where automation can help a team tremendously.

Just be sure to also buy a book that tells you how to set up continuous integration and automated builds, such as _Pragmatic Project Automation_ by Mike Clark, or _Continuous Integration_ by Paul Duvall, Andy Glover and Steve Matyas. Or _Ship It_ by Jared Richardson and William Gwaltney.
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