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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2017
I did a fair amount of research before I bought this table, and I bought it from US Amazon even though Iive in Canada because even with exchange and potential duties, it was still cheaper than buying it on Canadian Amazon. (Lucky me the border dudes never even blinked and waved me through! I ordered the table very late at night on Nov. 7th, and it arrived at my parcel receiving depot just over the border in Washington State today...November 10th...without Prime and with free shipping!!! I dropped everything to go and get it. Thanks to your reviews I was careful to inspect the parcel for damage. A corner of the box was ripped but I couldn't feel any damage to the tabletops so I brought it home. I did take photos at the receiving depot just in case.

A word of caution: this sucker is heavy. If you have any back or muscle issues, please get help loading and unloading.

After my husband hauled it up two flights of stairs into my craft room, I was pleased to discover that the manufacturer seems to have taken all your concerns about damage to heart and protected the contents with large chunks of styrofoam and reinforced the corners with rigid board. It took me an hour-and-half to assemble it on my own, but only because I had to take time to dig out my diamond file to try to remove a burr on a receiving thread for one of the legs. A little elbow grease and I got it. ( Waiting for a replacement was not an option!)

Instructions are straightforward, half the parts were shrink wrapped to a board and clearly numbered accordingly as per the instruction sheet (the other half was a big bag of same size screws) so there was no issue identifying what went where. I would highly recommend the use of a drill to install the thirty-six baby screws required to connect the table top pieces.

This is one awesome table, solid and heavy as a rock, and very stable.

The only suggestion I would made to the manufacturer is regarding the wheels, which is to wrap the hard plastic rollers with rubber to protect hardwood floors and to facilitate smoother rolling. So far I don't see any floor scratches but I might be concerned if I use it for years and there is wear on the rollers. Then again, if I get a good ten years out of it and have to visit my local hardware store, so be it.

All in all, I'm exceptionally pleased with this product, and quite delighted that I took a chance on it. And come Christmas dinner, I have room for some strays.
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