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Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2020
I can finally walk on my carpet again!

After spending hundreds on vacuum cleaners that weren't powerful enough and just could not get the job done - I buckled down and did WEEKS of research on a vacuum that had both high performance and would LAST. Let me tell you this is the vacuum for you.

It's definitely more expensive that your walmart/target off the shelf solution, but you will seriously notice a huge difference - I know I did. I live near one of the busiest ports in the United States. Night and day trucks go up and down the main roads to the freeway and there are also several refineries nearby. As a result there is so much dust that comes in through all my windows that I can no longer walk on my carpet in bare feet because I can FEEL THE FILM of dirt that accumulates on my carpet - it's so disgusting!

I went through several upright vacuum cleaner solutions but none of them had the suction power to really get out all the dirt nor did they have the adjust-ability to switch between my kitchen/hardwood floor downstairs and my carpet upstairs. That's when I learned that the Europeans have been using these modular vacuum cleaners that have WAY more suction power than our American upright models (*Shakes fists angrily at Europe*). I can't believe we American's are out muscled by EUROPE... I'm definitely going to have to write to my congressman about this.

But I digress. While some say the HEPA model is not as powerful as the regular model - the HEPA filter is definitely needed for my situation. Be warned: The Miele Vacuum is a bag based system which means that yes you'll have to buy new bags and that takes a little getting used to (not a lot but it's different than what us Americans are used to) BUT the upside is that when you take the bag out there is ZERO SPILL.

You just throw the bag away and replace - thats it!

Bottom line - I can finally walk on my carpets in bare feet again. This was a GREAT investment 10/10 would recommend to anyone I know.
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