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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2016
I'm not a scholar or brilliant mind but love America and all she stands for.... well all she originally stood for... even having been originally organized by flawed man, our country was well planned but we've drifted... perhaps flowed... or maybe even have been swept away from her original intent, America is the greatest democratic republic man has know... this book is well written and thought out... don't agree totally with all Mark says but that's why we have discourse.... we've got to get back to the Constitution and stop despotic political behavior... mankind (all inclusive!!! Not just other people but myself included) are fallen creatures and MUST have boundaries or we crush those around us expecially those who differ... the Constitution set up basic limited government and when one side is championed for runing out of control then that side looses power to another "my way or the highway" type mentality (as has happened recently) it becomes all the more evident that limits must be in place and enforced... gee what a brilliant idea!!!!! Great ideas in these pages... not new just a great reminder to those of us who seem to have forgotten our country's roots...
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