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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2018
This is one of two plant based organic protein powders I use for shakes. After speaking to the company in 2017 to ask a few questions on proper usage, I was told by a CSR that this product is not meant to be made, stored in fridge, and drank later. The proprietary blend is intended for immediate consumption or the composition begins to break down and the nutritional value becomes lost. This information was repeated to me when I called again in January of 2018. Perfect, as my other product is meant to make and store for later. I wanted one for those unplanned "I need something now" moments Life so often presents you.

GOL Raw Organic Unflavored give you so many possibilities for your own nutrient needs: adding avocado, blueberries or other fresh fruit; MCT oil or not; cacao powder and/or cacoa nibs; liquid alcohol free flavorings like Madagascar Vanilla, Hazelnut, Almond extract (or whichever flavor you prefer); coconut flakes or pumpkin spice...endless combinations so much so you don't get bored.

I use a stick blender and have never had a problem with the consistency when using almond milk.

Highly recommend it! Please keep in mind the company states the container is not filled to the top but filled by the volume advertised.
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