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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2020
“Sometimes we have to break so we can recreate a stronger version of ourselves.”

Ohhh the angsty goodness! This story grabbed a hold of my heart from the prologue, taking me for an emotional yet inspiring read. While the story is centered around Lavender and Kodiak, I fell in love with all the people that surrounded and supported them, a true family full of hope and love. There was a true sense of acceptance of who you are no matter what and knowing that even in the weakest moments, there would always be a safe place to land.

“We see what we want to, not the truth, especially when it hurts.”

Kodiak and Lavender have been through a lot together other the years, connecting in a way that few truly understood. Anxiety and panic rule their thoughts, but somehow they calm each other and create a safe space away from the negative thoughts. But that calm becomes an addiction and creates some truly heartbreaking moments in the story. It was inspiring to watch each of them work through their painful past, and even though hating each other seemed like the only option at one point, their connection couldn’t be ignored. Kodiak’s heart and compassion was so big, always trying to the do the right thing even if he went about it the wrong way. This new adult story was dang sexy too, while Lavender may seem sweet, she owns her sexuality and Kodiak was definitely not mad about it! This story left me with the best book hangover, through the tears and laughter this story left my heart with that warm, happy feeling.

Side Note: While this book is a complete standalone, there are a lot of connections to the Pucked and All In series, so be prepared to need to brush up on who is related to who. As the story progressed, I got a feel for the whole family and how they were all connected but it took little while to be immersed into the big, boisterous family.
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