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Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2019
Update: a complete review of not 1, but 2 sets of these earbuds.

Cliff notes:
Sound 8.5/10
Fit/sound seal 8/10 (more detailed in review below)
Connectivity to phone: 10/10
Connectivity around other bluetooth devices 6/10
Weight: 10/10 super light
Quality of product (feel, look, durability, etc) 9/10

So I bought this pair once in black, and I liked them well enough, but I eventually had some cut outs at the gym around other people that made me want to try a few more brands. I returned them and got the galaxy buds.
Needless to say, the galaxy buds just didn't quite have the sound that the vistas did. They were returned.
I must also say that I currently have about 3 other pairs of cheaper bluetooth earbuds (soundpeats, anker soundcore liberty, and Rowkin Bass).
All of these headphones have their own downfalls, whether it be fit, sound seal, or connectivity.

Fast forward to today. I've purchased another pair of gray vistas and have kept them past the return date.

I found that I like the vistas enough for fit and sound quality, and the cut outs at the gym are usually only when there are a ton of people there. Certain types of signals must interfere more, because I've found with walking past people who have the offending devices that I can typically find another place in the gym and get away from the problem.

The fit for seal is pretty good, but I do wish there was a "size 2.5" between the medium and large. The medium doesn't give me a great sound seal (though they feel good) and the large gives a great sound seal but eventually gives me ear fatigue. This is just my ear though, and I'm sure for a great deal of people that wont be the case. Obviously it didnt matter too much, because I kept them. I've never felt they were going to fall out with either wing size.

So, final thought.
If you like a light, good sounding earbud, with minimal cut outs around crowded gyms then these are pretty good. If you workout away from people or low traffic gyms, they're even better.

I think they are probably worth closer to $150, but like I said, I've had a lot to compare them to, and these are the best athletic earbuds I've found with a high IPX for water and sweat.

Also, if you're wearing apple airpods you obviously look like a... well you know.
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