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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2019
Start with what I disliked. I was put off at first by the juvenile seeming names of "future" inventions. It was almost like reading some of the very earliest science fiction (1940's era). However, I quickly got over that as I got caught up in the tale. This set of books was non stop action. I read them all as one novel, not even pausing between "books" (Kindle read) so I get a little lost trying to separate them, but what I can tell you is they get better as they progress. The author and/or the editors improved dramatically from book 1 to book 6. Right from the start the author starts addressing big issues like living forever, do clones count as living forever, what makes a god God, and lots of other juicy topics. The cool thing is that he wove them into such a captivating story that if you choose, you can completely ingnore those big questions and just enjoy the read. But if you want to double your pleasure look for the underlying questions that are being asked or dealt with and ask yourself how you would answer (or ask) those questions. Now lest I scare you off with all that "big issue " talk, rest assured that the author doesn't use the power of the pen to lecture you. No indeed, it is more like watching for clues and putting them all together. Those questions/issues are simply components of the story, not the story itself. Go ahead and read them (the series) and see what you think, does humanity have a soul?
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