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Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2016
Hey steve, Its Expl0d1ngK1w1 here with another great idea (but first I want to thank u so much for putting me in the awesome reveiwers list!) So Demot is my new character he is a demolitionist journing around the world looking for a town to hire him (he has same body structure as steve though in a tnt jacket and goggles) and all of a sudden he meets the town (the one steves in) he tells them he heard about them and asked if they had room for a demolitionist. he was excepted and he helped make stuff with the weapon designer but added a few stuff like a cannon , or a tnt trap, etc. so incase a invasion comes in the tnt stuff can blow huge amounts of men so fight will be easier.

-thx m8 Expl0d1ngK1w1
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