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Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2020
Ok, I guess my husband and I are in the minority here (nothing new!) but we found the words used in this book (and the number book too) hilarious... Nascar for N?? Quad-bike for Q??? Most people writing reviews seem offended by them (difficult etc...) but I'm relieved! I'm not a redneck (never watched nascar or ridden a quad) and I have a daughter, but I can't tell you how thankful I am to see words not typically used (Apple, queen, Xray, etc...) I mean... Z is for Zeppelin!?! How awesome is that?! Not only does she learn the letter, but we get to talk about these new weird words! And if you have a boy (not that I think books or letters/words should appeal more or less to any gender, but I will for this moment)... this book may appeal (more than the avg book) because of the use of heavy machinery and trucks etc... Nevertheless... if you are using the book *with* your kid, and they are simply learning how to draw the letters (Not learning how to read)... then this is a slightly different take, but welcome change, for our family!

My one wish is that the pages were serrated so we could easily tear them out and put into the plastic sleeves we use so she can use the pages over and over again... oh well...
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