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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2017
Guilty Minds is Joseph Finder's 3rd Nic Heller story. Heller is a great investigator with a military background and both skillful and fearless. He's also backed by a competent digital sleuth that manages to do just enough to advance Heller without giving the sense of omniscience that would make Heller irrelevant. This time out Heller is called in to unravel a putative scandal intending to bring down the Supreme Court Chief Justice. While Heller tears that fake story apart easily, the tale takes a different direction with the misguided conspiracy killing a witness and then threatening Heller and those close yo him forcing him to go commando. While he teeters on jumping the shark a bit, the final denouement is well done and satisfying as well as potentially setting up the basis for book 4.

Heller's tradecraft is on display throughout, while his physical skills also get a workout. Perhaps the only dings are the ease with which specialized equipment can be obtained and the megalomanical, paranoid mastermind who is just a bit too cocky. The involvement of digital features is well done and advances the plot without creating the impression that the whole affair could have been wrapped up while staying at a keyboard the whole time. The introduction of the "damaged" reporter also offers potential for future installments as both a romantic interest as well as a semi-partner if needed. Finder rarely disappoints and this one is well worth the time.
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