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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2016
I did not want to like this because I did not like the idea of covering my factory mirror. This goes right on top of it...but I really do like the mirror.

1. HUGE -- not too big that it distracts from viewing out the front window but it is really large and allows you to see across the span of the car (I have a Honda CRV 2014)
2. Logo is not big -- i have seen reviews that say the logo on it is too big. But its just in the left side and after the first day really is not noticable at all. It no different than my H on the steering wheel for Honda. I just do not see it anymore.
3. I like it enough that I do not take it off the car when the baby is not with me.

1. Nothing that I can think.
2. would have been nicer to be cheaper than 24$ If it was lower, then I would have given it 5 stars

Neutral (nothing that is a deal breaker but things I wish I could change)
1. I find I look more at the baby in the back then the rear window. just a new way to train your eyes now.
2. I wear glasses so it took about 2 days for my headache to go away from viewing thru a new object
3. takes a tiny bit of effort to get the clips to adjust to latch on to the mirror. It's probably just coordination for me. My hands are small. Once time it was on in 2 seconds, another time it took me 2min. But once it is on, it is pretty solid.
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