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Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2019
Our 10yo step-son has never been a fan of reading and has really struggled with reading and comprehension. Being in 5th grade on only reading at a 3rd grade level and never having ever read a chapter book himself, on his own; it has been such a struggle to get him to do his assigned 20 minutes of reading and reading log each day. So, I thought that maybe if I took the initiative and try to find a chapter book series that centers around some of the things that he enjoys himself, that maybe... hopefully... he might be able to begin to actually get even just a little bit of enjoyment from sitting down with a good book and just read. After a bit of searching and a TON of reading, scouring of reviews and with a wish and a prayer I decided on giving the Trapped in a Video Game series a try, starting with book 1.

I was met with hesitation and the look of fear when I gave him the book but after providing him with a brief, yet enthusiastic, description of this series and a promise that if he doesn't like it or finds it too advanced that we can find another book series. He gave it a shot for his daily reading and not only did he enjoy his 20 minutes of reading (and asked to read longer, so that he could at least finish the chapter he was on) but he also actually understood what he was reading. His Dad was floored when he got home and his son was able to sit down and tell him about character's names and what he read in the 1st 2 chapters, including the little details that he typically has missed in the past. Our boy has since finished with the whole 1st book and has moved on to the 2nd. He genuinely enjoys his reading time now and to see the confidence he has gained from such a simple thing such as reading and comprehension is absolutely priceless!!!
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