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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2018
I purchased the 120" Acoustically Transparent Woven screen. I have only had it up for about 2 days now so I wanted to leave a review while everything is fresh on my mind.
First off, for the money, it is an absolutely incredible value, especially if you go shop around for other screens. The assembly is not hard AT ALL, though it does take a little bit of patience. When I first unboxed all of the parts my initial reaction was I was super impressed with the quality of it all considering It cost me $400. The metal frame is super hard and sturdy. The black velvet wrapping around it is super nice and clean, and the screen material is not some super thin, easy to rip material. For anyone looking at the Acoustic Woven screen, let me address the most common concern, loss of sound. To the human ear, there is Zero. I was actually more concerned when I opened it to discover that there is actually a secondary black fabric that goes behind the white woven material. It is just like the material most Floor speaker's fronts are covered in, but two layers?...I was worried. The truth is I actually watched movies for few weeks in the room on a TV, on a stand until I got the screen and projector up. So I know what it sounded like before and now, and there is zero difference. Okay so I guess with an sound measuring device, there may be a small decimal of loss, but your ears can not hear it and there is no muffling. The picture that shows up on the acoustic fabric is second to none. You dont even know it's perforated unless you are 1 ft from it.
I would guess it will take most people 1 hr to assemble the frame and 25 minutes to mount the brackets and hang it. Now that I have done it once, I could do it all in 35 minutes or so.
Note: I am using an Optoma HD142x as the projector and the in wall speakers are all the Polk RC line. I bought the entire set up on Amazon and the screen, projector, 3 speakers and the PW 505 sub, I have a home theater that is awesome to someone on a Budget yet still appreciates good sound and image. I was in film school for 2 years so I have set in a lot of 20-30K dollar screening rooms, this is not that, but for 10% of the price, the difference is so minimal. It wows my kids, it wows my friends. When a decent 75 inch TV from Sam's Club cost $2,000, I will take a true home theater over that any day.
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