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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2017
It is sad and frustrating that this book should be required reading for the majority of humans and especially American citizens. There are too many who are victims of "willful ignorance", myths, gossip, lies, religion, poor education and are not sufficiently curious and/or motivated to break free and seek truth. Too live in a world surrounded by and using the results of modern science and ongoing research and to be unwilling to use this knowledge is baffling. Are we more ready to believe in 'reality' TV than reality? Are we too disinterested to make the effort to become better informed about essential scientific facts to break free from ignorance and myth? Surely a start is too become better educated and to remain curious enough to continue to learn throughout our lives and to seek out explanations in science for those things we do not understand.

I have worked in science and engineering for more than 60 years. The examples in the book were good. Perhaps a little too much 'talking down' to the readers, even if that was not the intention.

Some facts about geology that raised a niggling doubt about proof reading and editing. Los Angeles is not on the San Andreas Fault and the Lithosphere is much more than a few miles thick.
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