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Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2018
I recently purchased a U-Turn Orbit turntable and a NAD entry level stereo amp to hook up to some Infinity reference speakers for my new phono set up. After a few hours of research I was led to believe this Rolls pre-amp would be my best bet in the 50-100 price range. The rolls being made in the USA was the biggest selling point, yet when I hooked everything up I had quite a bit of static coming from the speakers (turned about 1/4 of the way on the receiver, the static was audible without any signal coming through and it got louder as the volume was turned up..)

I tried everything and anything to stop or help the level of static, but to no avail. Unplugged the amp/phono from the power strip, moved all of the wires so there as absolutely no cross interface... etc etc. I finally unplugged the phono from the pre-amp and discovered it was the Rolls, not the U-turn that was causing the static.

Returned right away and bought a Cambridge Audio pre-amp for about twice the price. It's dead silent and now my little set up sounds amazing. If I didn't have the budget, I think most pre-amps built into older receivers DO sound better than this rolls, so I'd probably just try to find an old used amp with a phono input and save myself the headache of having all separate components.
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