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Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2010
A MUST READ!!!!! The simplest technique and changes to the swing that have the greatest return...immediately!!!

I read this book over the past week, and practiced some drills at home (without hitting a ball). I took the learning to the course yesterday, and the improvements were noticeable!!!

I had a hard time with the setup at first with my driver during the first few holes (typically my best stick), but saw immediate improvement on irons, specially 7-9! Once I got into properly swinging the club, my iron play improved tremendously! I Added, on average, a club length to all my irons played, and the accuracy was incredible. I am a typical +2/+3 boggie player and yesterday I was playing +1 golf most of the round.

Once I got the swing down with my Driver, I added 12 yards to my longest drive, and 7 additional to the average drive all flying straight as a bullet. I missed left often, simply due to my typical alignment setup (aiming left to adjust for my slice).

In one single 9 hole round, I saw great improvement to my game, helping me drop 5 net strokes on the front 9, even though I started +8 on holes 1 and 2.

I am certainly looking forward to putting these learnings into practice this summer.
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