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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2018
I received this monitor today June 1st, 2018.
First some pro's with the monitor in general.

Easy to assemble stand while it is still in the box. This was a nice touch and made the setup nice. There are 2 pieces to the bracket, note there is NO VESA mount and no possible way to mount it other than the included stand. The stand is Metal both pieces and feels very sturdy.

2 HDMI and 2 DP ports I am unsure of the HDMI spec as I only used DP. The ports go straight out the back and they felt "snug" no wiggle.

Easy to navigate menu system with "joystick" style on back right side.

No Vesa Mount, no rotation, only very limited tilt up/down.

Dead pixels on arrival picture below this appears to be more than one and is very obvious I hadn't even started looking for them when I saw the black spot on a web browser.

VERY poor response time. This is something I normally always look for but because it is completely omitted from the description I didn't think to find out what the response time was. The 144hz had partially fooled me into thinking this would be a a "gaming" monitor with very low sub 4 ms response time. The default response is a HORRID 22 ms and some sort of "overclock" to reduce it to 5ms. It is very obvious just from moving apps and windows around on the screen. The refresh rate may be listed at 144hz but there are problems here too.

I have a EVGA 1080 ti, FTW3 video card, more than enough to drive this monitor for anything. The monitor native settings in windows was 2560x1440 at 144hz. After about 1 hour i noticed a flicking on any windows/apps I had open on the monitor. I did attempt to video this but even my phone at 60 fps wasn't able to properly record it but it is VERY obvious. I spent 20 minutes adjusting options in the monitor menu and it never changed. I swapped cables and rebooted, after reboot the flickering went away but came back within a couple minutes. It seems to be an issue after the monitor "warms" up. As a last ditch I lowered the refresh rate from 144hz to 120hz and the flickering stopped.

Overall I would avoid this monitor, the reviews on Amazon are very high but if you filter for the monitor only there are almost no reviews, there were only 2 when I searched today. This is something that Amazon needs to address I felt betrayed by the review system as it stands with very high "stars" but they include multiple items that are completely un-related and there should not be any cross over, in my opinion, of reviews of this product or any product.

I failed to do my due diligence when I bought this monitor as I was trying to beat a shipping window when I found it for what is by far the cheapest price of a 32" 144hz Curved monitor my price of $379. The next closest is $429 and $479 and it goes up over $500 from there.

I filed for RMA for this monitor.
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