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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2013
Cora and her family are still on the Grand Tour of Europe. A new person has joined the group. Art with his new Kodak camera begins touring with them, snapping pictures wherever they go. Cora finds him unsettling at first as he seems to focus his camera on her more than the others.

Cora is still confused about her feelings for both Pierre and Will. Will seems to hold her heart, but Pierre's affections are also hard to deny. When Cora's father insists that she allow Pierre to try and win her heart Cora is further thrown into turmoil.

Dogged at every turn by the men that attacked them at Pierre's home, Will must hire more guards for protection. When the attackers continue to follow the Kensington's and Morgan's, Wallace Kensington and others in the group hatch a daring plan to catch the culprits.

The more time Cora spends with her family the more she truly comes to love them and refuses to let anything happen to them. Cora also refuses to cut the Tour short and go back home to Montana. The more time that Will and Cora spend together the more their affections grow, but both know that Wallace Kensington would never allow one of his own to marry a man with no means.

Grave Consequences takes Cora and her family from Provence through Venezia where each stop they tour beautiful countrysides, ancient castles, and glittering palaces. They get to experience not only the culture of each stop, but also new experiences such as jumping from great heights into an ice cold river. They attend elaborate parties where they wear their finest garments and dance the night away. At each stop we as the reader are able to see and feel the same sights, happiness, thrills, fears and heart-aches that the characters themselves experience. The second book in The Grand Tour series definitely did not disappoint and I am looking forward to the third installment Glittering Promises coming out in September.
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