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Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2018
If this the criteria to be a NYT bestseller then I should make bank! I'm am engineer and found this book to be useless. I mean, seriously? Throw out everything that doesn't bring me joy? That's the answer? Well, no joke. We all know that we have too much stuff and should part with it all. I thought that if I had to read one more time how the author was positively an organizational genius at age 15, I would throw that book...which didn't bring me joy...into the trash. As for making my socks and purse happy, my socks are all cozily snugged up together by color...I am an engineer, after all...and my purse feels it is its honored duty to protect its precious traveling companions...the wallet, the inhalor, etc... 24/7.

I, unfortunately, learned some great lessons about parting with too much stuff 8 months ago when my hoarder mother passed away. I bought 120 large trash bags and with a determined ruthlessness, I tossed out 3 tons of trash. Boxed up new stuff for donation. Held estate sales for things of value...which Ms. Kondo does not seem to address very well. I thought that I would gain some insight from this book about purging my own messy house. I don't want to do to my kids what mother did to me. However, this book was no help. As someone else suggested, don't waste your time reading the entire book. Just read the sentences in boldface print. Honestly, that's all that should have been printed but there wouldn't be much money in selling a brochure.
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