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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2017
This is one of those books that one can open to any page and there will be rich content and a nugget to savor and digest over and over and over again.

I found it to be a little disappointing to read some of the reviews where there were so few words to describe the ‘Take away’ from this book. I wanted to read what others extracted or realized. I wanted to get in touch with the insights and aha’s that may have developed as a result of digesting this book.

And then I read it and … I found it’s a bit of a challenge to put into words the places and spaces within that this book touches. This book is for the one who is willing to inquire within and get intimate with their true self. I’ve read some of the reviews that consider this book to be rubbish, and yet I have found for myself that Katie’s work gets to the core of my existence.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve read this book, and I’m still savoring some of the pieces that have not left me. That’s the amazing thing about doing “The Work”; because once I began to question my own thinking, I have never been the same, if there is such a thing to say since every moment is Now and there is no past or future.

What I have ‘Realized’ by doing The Work is that all of life is an illusion and that in itself is enough food for thought to keep any person in meditation permanently. I don’t need to sit with my legs crossed, eyes closed and my hands in the Mudra position. All I have to do is question a thought in any given moment, and I immediately get still enough to get clear about what I’m believing, which turns out to be nothing … nothing is true. This is very good news because now I am no longer searching for the “Why” and I’m no longer attached to any reasoning that could keep me in bondage for eternity. It took me awhile to realize that knowing any “Why” is an attachment that kept me limited to possibilities and opportunities and then when I started questioning the “Why” and “Is it true”, I set myself free.

Experiencing freedom like I never have, attachments have dropped like flies and all that I am left with is allowing life to “Do” me. My agenda has been dropped and just as Katie has said in the past, “I am a woman without a future”, I can feel that for myself. (That quote however, was not in this book.)

The other saying that I embraced from Katie is, “The way of it”.
This little expression leaves absolutely no room for judgment. I love it so much because it can be said and all of the questions and justifications just drop away and all that is left is surrender and acceptance.

I suppose I could go on and on and perhaps extract quotes that really resonated with me but then if I carried on long enough, I would be writing out the entire book.

Read if for yourself and be sure to grab a highlighter and some Post-it notes tabs so you can highlight and mark the pages and then return to get nourished again and again. It’s a study book as well as a nourishing book that one can return to time and time again and get recharged.
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