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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2019
The taste is, as you might expect, just "OK' - However, more than once, I found I had finished eating one without realizing it. I was snaking on one while booting up my Lap Top, and again while watching TV. They leave a "betcha can't eat just one" taste in your mouth. Not bad for a very low sugar survival food.

Alergy info: Contains soy, wheat: Enriched wheat flour, Palm Oil*, a tiny bit of corn syrup, a tiny bit of soy Lecithin

As indicated, the product arrived in a #10 tin, which requires, of course, a can opener. If you are going to put this item into your emergency supplies, I suggest some packing tape and secure one of those tiny folding can openers like are found in military ration packs to the lid. (just in case you can't find your big one when you're hungry and in a hurry)

There were three cardboard sleeves, each filled with the crackers. Additional crackers were dropped down between the sleeves and the sides of the can. I doubt they could have gotten any more into the container.

The only issue I have is that the label says to consume the product immediately, or within one week (using the included plastic replacement lid) of opening. With some 62 crackers (at 60 calories each) - that's a tall order for an elderly couple with a sedentary life style. However, I doubt they'd last long with an active family with teenagers.

* (Palm Oil - you know, that stuff that rubs off the unwashed palms of your hands when you're eating them. (:~>) EWWW!!! )
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