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Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2016
The 8th book in the series feels somehow different, more mature, bit more serious and maybe just a bit less funny than the previous installments. To be honest, I had mixed feelings at first, because I felt all my beloved alien characters are being pushed into the background, I felt there is less Jason-Lucky-Crusher action from my favorite unstoppable strike team but in the end I had to admit that the series needed this change of pace and the fresh new faces. After almost two decades in space Jason is more like his alien companions than human and the old jokes about him being the outsider wouldn't have worked so well anymore... So maybe meeting other humans and going back to Earth, make him feel conflicted again about (his) humanity was just the right thing. This new direction opened up many possibilities and that big fat bomb Josh dropped at the end certainly ensures that the next book(s) won't be boring to say the least! Although I'm not sure I like all the new characters, especially Carolyn, they'd been bairly just introduced, so I'm sure we'll see more shades of their personality in the follow up. This episode opens a new chapter for the team, for Jason, introduces new friends and threats but brings back old friends and allies as well... All in all, I have to say it is another great addition to the series and was well worth the long waiting!
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4.8 out of 5
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