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Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2020
I purchased these because I recently got my hands on a non-working Nintendo Virtual Boy and needed to repair it. The security bits I already owned were not long enough to reach down into the deep screw holes used on the Virtual Boy. I was able to use these to get it open and repair it.

Since then, I've also used one of these drivers to open a malfunctioning Game Gear so I could recap the sound board. Again, it worked like a champ.

These seem to be of fairly decent quality oeverall. The handles are cheap blue plastic but the drivers are firmly set in them. The driver metal itself seems strong enough to take some abuse, though as always, one should be careful because stripped screw heads are a bear to get out.

I've used them on a number of projects without an issue and they've replaced my existing bits (that had to be fitted into a socketed screwdriver) as my go to tools.

The only exception is the Tri-wing screwdriver. I have some cheap screwdrivers made of the same materials as this one. The driver heads on them are liable to chip off. That hasn't happened with this one yet, but it doesn't seem that well made and I worry about durability. Time will tell.

Bottom Line:
For the hobbyist doing home modding and cleaning projects on their video game equipment and games, this little set is a great deal. I have no idea how they'd hold up in a business setting where they were being used daily, but for my purposes as a hobbyist, they've been great.
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