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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2014
C.J.Box has out done himself with this novel. I should think that he must have been sweating bullets while putting this wonderful story on paper/ computer.

This story starts out with horribly mutilated wild animals, cattle, and finally escalates to human beings. Box really let loose of his imagination with this one. The story is jam-packed with twists and turns in every possible way. Joe Pickett is caught in a storm between irate ranchers, hunters, and the local people who live in fear for their lives.

Strange things really start happening when he is assigned to investigate (but without any real help from the local law enforcement agencies). When he decides to go into the mountains where a man's terribly mutilated body was found, he decides to start his own investigation with his favorite trusty companion, Maxine, his yellow Labrador. In an instant his dog begins acting strangely and is very angry, disregards Joe's commands, and runs off into the deep very dark forest. Joe hears her ferocious barking as she runs further into the woods, but they begin to fade.

He tries everything he can think of to bring her back, but all efforts are useless; except to sit in his truck, blowing the horn intermittently. When this fails he decides to leave the area and drives to a main road, but vigilantly keeping his eyes moving for any sight of Maxine. All of a sudden she appears running behind him with great speed until she almost collapses from exhaustion. Joe picks her up and places her in his truck, where she falls asleep. It is at this point he realizes that Maxine's furry coat has turned completely "white".

I highly recommend this book to any and all who truly love the great Rocky Mountain West, especially Wyoming. You will love this book, and it will remain with you for quite sometime. Buy it!!
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