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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2018
I fell for the glitzy advertisement and the nice reviews so I bought the new generation 8 FireHD. Big mistake on my part. I bough it in the middle of the night thinking that it was a good buy at $110. It is not. First off, the launcher interface is bad. It's amateurish, designed for brain dead people. You can't even change it with off market launchers. I installed Nova Launcher on all my android tablets so I figured I would install it in FireHD too. I tried installing Nova Launcher and it didn't work. I like a clean home screen on my table with the launcher icons at the bottom. I happen to like looking at nice wallpapers and photos but you can't enjoy it because it's obscured by the launch icons. Second, the appstore is locked to Amazon. Don't even bother installing Google Play because it won't work. Then there's the annoying offers when the screen is locked. When I read that on the webpage, I though they meant that there will be advertising offers with the tablet not free advertisement in the tablet every time I opened the device. It is quite annoying. Playing a decent online games is horrible. It has difficulty parsing pvp games. The lag time in processing the graphics takes forever never mind the frequent game crashing. Lastly the lack of GPS. Somehow I missed that vital information prior to clicking the buy button. Practically every generic Chinese tablet has a GPS. I have been a long and loyal Amazon customer and I'm greatly disappointed by a product as mediocre at this one
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