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Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2014
This story is very touching. I loved watching the charactors grow stronger in their faith and change along the way. Brad and Emma are with the help of her parents busy planning for their up comming wedding. Brad wants nothing more than to become Emma's husband except first he feels he needs to make ammends with his past before moving on with the next chapter in his life.
When he was younger Brad and the girl he loved Laura made a wrong choice that changed both of their lives forever. She became pregnant and they decided that having an abortion was the right choice. This made things difficult as they battled with their choice Brad decided it was best to go on his own way and he went off to collage leaving Laura to be alone all except for her mother who died not much long after. Brad decides that before he gets married he needs to go back and ask Laura to forgive him.
He shares this news with Emma who is very upset with this decesion at first and says maybe they should call the wedding off. She wonders Why must he go back searching for his ex unless he no longer cares for her.
He can only hope that Emma will come to understand and wait until he gets back. He assures her that he loves and wants only her. He hopes she will understand why it is that he must do this.
I wondered when he saw Laura if they would end up back together. Part of me said they should while the other half said no that it was time to close the past and move on. This left me wondering what would happen and if they would change their minds later on. How they go about puting an end to their past and would be enough?
This was a book that i couldn't put down. I have read several books by this author and I have always found them uplifting each with their own special messages. I can't wait to read the next one.
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