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Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2019
This book is absolutely terrible. The only reason I got it was because there were so many great reviews. I figured it had to have something good in it. No. It seems almost like it was written by the onion as a parody on actual advice.

Basically this whole book is built around the idea that all problems in a marriage are because a woman won't have enough sex with her husband. If a woman would just have more sex with her husband, all problems will magically be fixed. It's also completely based around religion, and tries to come up with biblical rational for his reasoning.

According to this book a husband has a god given right to rape his wife any time he wants. According to the author that's what the bible says. According to this book it's in the bible that a wife should sexually fulfill a husband any time he wants, but the bible doesn't say anything about how a wife should be sexually fulfilled, so that doesn't matter.

The author is very focused around the topic of sex, and it's really strange. It seemed like the entire book was really focused around sex. Nothing else in the marriage matters. I feel it says more about the authors and their views on women than anything useful.

If you're wanting a religious based argument for why a man should be able to have sex with his wife any time he wants, then this is a great book for you. If you don't like people suggesting your wife is the source of all problems and the fix is to rape her because god says so, then I don't recommend this book.
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