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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2018
These wipes are great! The first time I saw them was at the produce section of Walmart, then I came home and found them on Amazon!! These wipes are perfect for my work as a oil painter since they don't make any lint. Paper towels make lint and lint is bad on a realistic portrait!
The sheets are huge so I cut them in half then fold them, then stack in my taboret drawer. I usually just need one 1/2 sheet per painting session.
These sheets are a rough cloth-like fabric, very absorbent. Good as a disposable shop rag. I also fold a full sheet in half to put under my cat's water bowl.
Apparently, the higher the X number, the rougher they are. Last year I bought the L30 because they were the smaller size but they were too linty for what I do. They are soft and the size of a wash cloth. The L30 would be awesome as disposable towels for the powder room when you have a party!! Soft enough to use on your face!

May 30, 2020: Yup, time to re-up. So as I said a long time ago, I'm an artist. Not a sloppy painter but when one paints with oil paints and using solvents, you need a good absorbent clean up cloth. I paint EVERY day. I still only use 1/2 sheet per day. Yeah, there are still some left in the box but I never like to wait and substitute for a tool I need.
These X-80 wipes are just as important as any tool in my studio. And lint free.
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