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Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2019
I've tried many types of protein powders and shakes now. I recently tried a more expensive brand grass fed, organic, unflavored whey powder that I really liked. When I went to reorder I found this Amazon version of basically the same thing for almost half the price and decided to give it a shot. My initial tests....

1. Almost no smell at all (unflavored version)
2. The ingredients are the same as the other more expensive stuff
3. There is no taste at all (unflavored version)
4. This blends fantastically in my personal ninja blender
5. This stuff DOES NOT make me sick. I'm going through chemo and lots of stuff messes with my stomach. This does not on my first few uses of it.
6. More protein for the buck

I'm super excited to have found this stuff. Half the price for something I really need at the moment to keep my weight up a bit. I can sleep at night knowing that I'm not breaking the bank just to get the stuff I need.

Update: still no decernable issues with this product. I still use it almost daily with good success.

Update 2: Since this review seems to have some visibility, I will report that my initial post about the unflavored version not having any taste is not 100% accurate. There is a slight milky taste to the unflavored version. I didn't notice it as much before due to meds that knocked my taste out a bit. But still totally tolerable and easily masked by any other added ingredients and flavors. I'm still using this protein almost daily with no issues.

Update 3 - after using this protein for this long...I still like it and use it. But I've been doing more research on proteins, and aminos, and complete proteins, etc. I do believe this protein has an amino profile, Amazon just doesn't list it...but they should. Having said that I'm not that worried as many of the other things I mix in with my protein shake make up more than a comprehensive and complete amino profile. If you're concerned about this take a look around for brands that have this same quality but list heir profiles. You'll probably pay more, but you may be happier if that's what you're looking for. Especially if you're concerned with muscle mass.
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