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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2016
Is this movie silly? Will you have to basically forget that disbelief even exists? Yes.
Is it incredibly fun, clever, and worth seeing? Also yes!
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are both incredibly charismatic actors, and they bring this charisma full on to this film. Add to that gorgeous locations, fun action sequences, and a fast-moving (thought not particularly credible) plot, and you have a good way to spend a couple hours. This is a great date / netflix & chill movie because everyone will find something to enjoy in it. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are both likable and share an easy rapport. His chemistry with her isn't the powerful, palpable sexual one he has with Rebecca Ferguson in the latest Mission Impossible movie. But it is friendly and effortless. Cameron Diaz in particular is enjoyable. She does a great job showing the bewilderment and fear of a normal person who gets caught up in crazy circumstances. And while she does need to get rescued many times and spends much of the movie dragged around by the hero (not something I enjoyed), she does have some smarts of her own and eventually grows into someone who is just as kick ass as him.The humor in the film is clever and light-hearted, but there are also nice, intimate moments for the two leads where you can see the unexpected depth in the characters. You can especially sense a wistfulness in Cruise's character, a longing for a life he has missed. There is no deep drama here, but just enough substance to give the characters an extra dimension.
Fun, enjoyable, and a movie that both men and women will like. Recommended.
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