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Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2014
I just placed another order for these (and I order the Crown Prince sardines all the time), and felt compelled to write a review after noticing some of the low reviews here. The short version is this is very high quality canned salmon; some reviewers were either confused or maybe very unlucky (e.g. saw a couple with damaged cans). Here are a couple of points to consider:

1. Amazon lists this salmon (*with* bones) on the same page with smoked and/or boneless skinless salmon varieties, therefore the reviews for all 3 are combined. While this is slightly confusing I admit, don't people read the product description before ordering? A lot of reviews were surprised at the bones. It states pretty clearly they are in there, in fact it's listed at the very top in the current presentation: "Traditionally packed to include the bones and skin for added calcium".

2. Even people who knew it had bones posted negatively about the vertebrae pieces in the salmon chunks. I'm confused...did they think they would remove the vertebrae but leave the ribs? Personally to make e.g. salmon salad for my daughter I found both the skin and bones easy to remove; for myself I mostly leave them in. The most amusing part of this is at least one reviewer seemed to view the presence of vertebrae as a mark of inferior quality, when in fact the less processed something is, generally the better it is for you. It is akin to saying a piece of fruit is "bad" because it has a blemish or something.

3. A large percentage of the omega-3 in salmon is in or near the skin, because it is oily. Go to Crown Prince's web site and compare the nutritional information between the boneless skinless and not. If you are eating salmon for health reasons, you probably want to chop most of the skin up into your salmon salad (or whatever). Or order their boneless skinless sardines instead, sardines are oily throughout so removing the skin doesn't reduce the omega-3 as dramatically as it does with salmon.

On the other hand, if you really don't want bones and skin....well, order the kind without them, or at least don't blame Crown Prince for your mistake, it's not their fault Amazon lists all 3 types of their salmon on the same page.
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