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Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2017
This is a very good quality suitcase. It was the first hard case that I've bought. For the most part, I am satisfied, but I wish I had known a couple more bits of information before I purchased. If you are also buying YOUR FIRST HARD CASE, read these IMPORTANT TIPS. TIP #1: This case closes with a ZIPPER ONLY. It does not have a latch. Zipper-only hard cases are more vulnerable to malfunction because zippers can break or split apart with stress or excessive wear. If the zipper splits on this case, you do will have a latch as a backup method to keep your case closed and you may find your self in a predicament when you need to check your broken-zippered bag at the airport. Therefore, if you buy this case, be sure to also buy luggage straps. Luggage straps are extremely effective to keep your case closed and will help prevent excessive stress or damage to the zipper. When buying luggage straps, write your initials on each strap with a permanent marker. This will not only help identify your bag in a busy airport, but also make the straps less desirable for thieves. TIP #2: I bought the (very large) 28-inch version of this case because I wanted to have plenty of space to pack for long international trips. In hindsight, I wish I had bought a size or two smaller because filling up a case this big with normal items like clothing, shoes, and toiletries will almost always put you over the airline weight limits (and be very heavy to lift). The case is very light, but I can only fill it up about 75% to avoid paying the "excess weight" fees. With the case being 25% empty, I have lots of open space in the bag and my belongings bounce around inside. When I arrive at my destination, I often find my loosely packed belongings out of order and disheveled. For my next suitcase, I will buy something a tad bit smaller so I can fill 90% or 100%. When filled to 90-100%, my belongings would be tightly packed and more secure inside.
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