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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2019
Swiss army knife media player: FM and AM (with a proper whip antenna that collapses into the case), CD player, and a USB port that can play MP3s. It is the only BT speaker I've found on Amazon with a USB port that can recognize and navigate folders (and stop at the end of the folder played). And, as other reviewers have said, it is quite cute.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound good. Absolutely no bass, my educated guess is that it does not go much below about 600 cps. Lower midrange is attenuated. Bass requires power, and 1.5 watts per speaker is inadequate. Not much high end either. Think AM radio in an old car. This leaves the music rather dull and flat sounding. The way the speakers are vented does disperse the sound around the room quite well and does make it efficient enough to provide a decent level of sound in the reduced range of the speakers' capability. The little speakers and the enclosure are the problem; it sounded quite good on headphones. The low power does yield good battery life.

"Singing Wood" probably comes from other speaker products they make with nice rigid wood enclosures. The thin plastic shell on this baby resonates at a high frequency, further skewing the sound spectrum into the upper midrange. I am purchasing a speaker with more oomph, but will keep this as an auxiliary unit for its multi-function capabilities. And it IS cute. Not for those who want to rock or who treasure the nuances in their music. Satisfactory for background music at a cocktail party, but those "party lights" ain't for a dance party.
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