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Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2020
This is necessary for your instruments that don’t have a lacquer finish. My acoustic, like most, has a nitrocellulose finish. The spray polish I use for it is made by another familiar brand and it has Brazilian wax it, so I use it for a gloss finish. This polish will do fine on glossy finish and I have used it at times but it is the only thing I use on matte finish, semi-gloss finish, or any finished instrument. If I’m not sure about a finish, I use Ernie Ball because it is safe for all finishes and makes anything polish up to its best condition. It is the only thing I use on my ukulele and after using it for a few months I can tell that the wood is much better looking than it did when I bought it. It is definitely hydrated it and actually keeps it hydrated even though it is 25% humidity in the house during winter. I use it on parts of my acoustic and violin that don’t have nitrocellulose such as the back of the guitar neck. If you have any instruments, you need a polish that can be used on any finish. No instrument is totally coated with nitrocellulose. I wax my acoustic twice a year so this polish will make it shiny as well as the polish for gloss and it actually doesn’t reveal fingerprints as much as the other polish. Wax has a little adhesive properties. And good price. I have spent more on just a microfiber cloth. The cloth is good too. Can never have too many.
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