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Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2019
The flour to water ratios in the user manual and the recipe book are totally wrong. It's no wonder there is some bad reviews that the pasta comes out like mush. What the recipe writers have done wrong is to confuse volume measurements of the flour as opposed to weight of the flour. The 250gram flour recipe says it equal one cup of flour. If you use the volume measurment and the recommend water amount you will surely make pasta mush. Based on weight 250 grams equals about 8.8oz of flour, depending on the kind of flour you use that could be a bit over two cups of flour. (King Arthur flour website has weight charts for a myriad of ingredients. ) Their All purpose flour weighs 4.25oz/113grams. So basically the recipe is wrong. There is nothing wrong with the water measurement, but you may have to add more, like a tablespoon for whole wheat flours. Dough should look like pie crust dough, maybe a bit wetter, but not sticky. Also they say, in the recipe that program 1 is good for the volume measurement of one cup and the 2 cup by volume measure is for program 2. It should read 2 and 4 cups respectiveley. Use the water recommedations for program 1 and 2. 500gram program(program 2). that reqires 17.6oz of flour, a little over 4 cups. I have baked bread and many other goodies for years and always weighed my ingredients. One more thing I would like to say is that when you are using the 'automatic cycle" you can always turn the machine off and start again if the dough is too dry or wet. Machine doesn't know or care, turn it off and turn it on, its like "reboot". It doesn't have connections to social media, so if you screw up no one will ever know, what a novel idea! I think they built the machine's online non presence to discourage the "pasta trolls" LOL. Anyway I have made several batches of pasta after I figured out the mystery. Very happy with the machine and ordered more pasta dies/discs. I am easily entertainedLOL. Everyone take care and be kind and tolerant to each other.
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