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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2013
I tried this on my 2" diameter muffler pipe, and found that it couldn't even "catch" on the closest cutting blade (i.e., ideally, you open the wrench, then close it on the closest cutting blade (i.e., each blade has a "pin" which "mounts" on the wrench)). So, I was forced to use the next closest blade, which wouldn't close on the pipe, even though I squeezed it until my palms felt as if they were going to pop off my hands! The best I could do was merely score the surface of the pipe, and it wasn't an even cut at that. The biggest problem is that the evenly-spaced, round, "blades" don't allow for between-sized pipes, such as, apparently, my muffler pipe. In that regard, it was useless. However, after that failure, I tried it on some other, narrower, household pipes and rods that I needed to cut down to size for recycling, and it did a superb job. Once the wrench clamps down on the pipe, it "bites" right into and through the stainless steel pipe like butter (even though it says it won't work on stainless steel!), and twisting/turning the wrench finishes the job in just one or two quarter turns, depending on the thickness of the pipe/rod. So, it worked great on "easy" stuff (i.e., things I could have used a hacksaw or drill sawblade on), but not on the very thing it, allegedly, was meant for. Had it worked on its intended target, it would have been well-worth the price; since it didn't, and since I already had an alternative for the other uses, it wasn't.
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