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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2020
Unlike earlier books this installment moves away from Damien, who is completely engaged on Mars, to that of two female characters previous introduced in the series. Mage-Lieutenant Roslyn Chambers, the flag lieutenant for Mage Admiral Jane Alexander and Kelly Lamonte and family who are running Rhapsody in Purple on covert screening missions through out the Republic or Faith and Reason.

These viewpoints allow them to be first hand observers in the action taking place as the Martian forces attempt to locate and destroy remaining elements of the Republic and bring the war to a conclusion. Needless to say, just as in many of Glynn Stewart's novel the plan rarely proceeds smoothly and the is plenty action and intrigue to pull the reader in and keep your nose in the book.

As a side note, although this provides great deal on several newly featured characters, it is not a good place to start reading the series. If you cannot start from the very beginning with Starship's Mage at least start at the beginning of the war with the sixth volume UnArcana Stars.

Join the crowd and find out why Glynn Stewart is one of the freshest voices in modern military science fiction and space opera.
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