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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2018
Okay so this monitor is amazing, honestly not being hyperbolic or anything and I’m coming from a really good 48’ inch 4K (60Hz) Samsung TV.

For some perspective I’m hooked up to this monitor with the following:

Intel I7-8700K (OC@4.8GHZ)
EVGA GTX 1080 (OC@2.1GHZ) - EVGA FTW3 1080ti in-coming T- 2 days... :)
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3600MHZ
Corsair H100i V2 CPU Water Cooler
1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD
850W EVGA SuperNova G2 Gold PSU
And so on....

So currently the weakest part in my system is the GTX 1080 (not that its weak its not) but regardless I’m able to throughly enjoy this gaming monitor at the either the highest or very close to the highest graphics settings @3440X1440P with frames rates generally ranging from 80-120.

Destiny 2 for example, at 3440X1440P with nearly everything maxed I’m averaging around 80-90FPS and it is GLORIOUS!

DOOM - Maxed out graphics 3440X1440P @ mostly a locked 120FPS. Its just phenomenal!

AC Origins - High / Very High graphics 3440X1440P @70-100 FPS and Holly #%*& over is this game jaw dropping gorgeous!!

Just Cause 3 - Nearly Maxed graphics at 3440X1440P generally 70-90FPS. This is another exceptionally gorgeous game!

Overwatch - MAX graphics 3440-1440P @ generally 80-120FPS. Again gorgeous and absolutely phenomenal performance.

So hopefully this gives a decent idea of what is required to take best advantage of this flat out AWESOME Ultra-Wide gaming monitor from Dell.

The GTX 1080 is perfectly adequate. The only reason I ordered a 1080ti is due to being notified by EVGA that it was on sell at regular price (I signed up to be notified for when / if)

No, the GTX 1080 wont get you 120FPS at Max graphics every game but it regardless is certainly powerful enough to justify this monitor.

Also, you can always adjust the settings a bit to get higher FPS. Still I personally wouldn’t go any lower than a GTX 1070 with this monitor.

Lastly, the build quality and esthetics of the monitor is a solid 10/10 absolutely top notch and could not be more pleased.

I snagged this bad boy up for $999.99 when the price dropped recently (and rather briefly) but honestly had I paid $1500.00 I would still feel like I made out well. Its really that good.


Replaced my EVGA GTX 1080 (blower type) with an EVGA GTX FTW3 1080TI.

The 1080 I would say was certainly adequate for this monitor but now with the 1080TI it is simply almost unbelievably great.

Not only have my temps remained ~ 15-20C lower under 100% sustained load (about 55-60C vs. 70-75) but I’m getting ~ 30-35+ FPS!

So instead requiring to adjust the settings down to high / very high I’m now at “Ultra” with higher frame rates to boot :)

More impressively however IMO is the lower sustained temperatures which allow gaming at a higher level for MUCH MUCH longer and without the worry you’re going to degrade your equipment = Piece Of Mind!

Lastly, BLB (AKA: Back Light Bleed) is there but it is very minimal and relegated to the outer four corners of the monitor. It is a complete “non-issue” yet I’m certain a minority of ultra anal-retentive folk would be “dissapointed”

Anyways, flat out amazing monitor. Works wonderful with GTX 1080 and especially so with a GTX 1080TI.
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