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Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2018
 I was skeptical about buying this brand since I have a Honda 2200 inverter as well that I really like, but I needed a 2nd one and Honda is double the price as this one.
This does come with oil and a funnel for putting the oil in the motor since it is shipped dry. One thing to keep in mind that the overload light comes on for about a minute when you first start it which is normal operation. I bought this as insurance when if the power goes out since we get a lot of storms here and I live out in a rural area. DO NOT RUN ETHANOL GAS in this or any small engine!
Lots of reviews on generators in general of sitting with gas and not starting weeks later. Ethanol gas gums up the carburetor if it sits too long. I run non-ethanol premium gas in all my equipment.
Because of the amount power of startup on appliances, this would run one big freezer or a big frig, or a small chest freezer and a frig. Mine I run a big freezer, some led lights, router and a laptop. The 2nd Honda 2200 watt I run another small freezer and a big frig. It is actually cheaper to buy 2 of these then a 4,000 watt inverter generator. I have one that runs the upstairs and the 2nd one runs out of the walkout basement.

I love how quiet it is and eco switch which runs at a lower power.
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