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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2019
I like this platform and am using it to support our Apple TV at the top of a Samsung TV. The other mount we've tried more recently (from Apple, I believe) places the Apple TV out of sight, behind the TV (good), but in that position prevents the remote from working very well (bad). The VIVO platform lets you mount the Apple TV where it is exposed to view (don't care that much) and communicates with the remote easily (good!).

When I was setting the VIVO up on top of the TV, the sticky surface of the platform seemed ideal in that perhaps the bungie band provided would not be needed to hold the Apple TV in place on the platform. However, when I plugged in the HDMI, power, and ethernet cables, the weight of those at the back of the Apple TV caused it to unstick from the surface and tip up (not good). The bungie loop holds it in place.

This may seem like a minor annoyance - I expect that I won't notice it after a short time - but as a fan of elegant design, the bungie loop seems like sort of a hack. I'd rather see a surface that is sticky enough to counterbalance the weight of the cables, or some kind of clamp or grip to hold the Apple TV in place more positively.

I get that the bungie is a cheap and easy way to hold it down, and that other means may be patented and therefore expensive license (or defend against legally). But.... a bungie? It's highly adaptable, but just doesn't look very good.

At $15, though, it's a good deal and is otherwise solid and adaptable. I would buy it again, and am thinking of ways to lose the bungie in favor of another means to hold the Apple TV down on the surface.
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