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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2019
I always have trash in my car and I usually use a plastic bag as a trash can. Since that looked “trashy” I decided to buy this auto trash can.

- it’s made nicely. Materials good and it looks nice
- it’s sturdy
- it holds a decent amount of trash
- it’s waterproof so I feel comfortable throwing away liquids

- it’s so bulky. I drive a Jetta so I don’t have a ton of room. I can’t keep it in the front because my passengers don’t have enough room for their legs to sit comfortably.
- it’s too heavy for my gear shift. If my car is on Drive, you can shift it to the right and it’ll go into Sport mode. It scared the crap out of me when it shifted on its own and my car revved up.
- The only space I have for it is hanging off the back of the passengers seat. It’s uncomfortable reaching back there every time I have trash and I have to remove it when I have passengers in the back.

After trying to use it for a couple weeks, I gave up and stopped using it. It became more of a hassle than a convenience.
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