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Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2018
1. STOP COMPLAINING THAT SHE IS NOT INCLUDING THE WEIGHT WATCHERS POINTS! Weight Watchers OWNS the point system and Gina will NEVER publish the WW points for her recipes, nor will any other author be able to. EVER. She states this very clearly on her blog and in the cookbooks, but apparently people would rather complain than read & comprehend.
2. She gives complete nutritional information for every single recipe and she has made the recipes far healthier than they normally are! Stop complaining!
3. Her recipes are not specifically made for diabetics or those with sodium restrictions. I have no clue why people expect a cookbook to meet their exact dietary restrictions and then complain when it does not - this book is not stated to fulfill either restriction.

I was VERY impressed with this book, especially in comparison to the 2nd, which I did NOT care for at all (most recipes were from her blog, with little or no changes. 4-5 pages were dedicated to toast and taco toppings each. Waste of time & space.) The food photography is well done and therefore makes the book a pleasure to look through. I think it is far better organized than her 1st two books were and the index is MUCH easier to navigate this time! The variety of recipes is much larger than in the 1st two books and while there are some blog favorites included, most are new recipes. I can honestly say there are a lot of recipes in this book that I plan on cooking that I would never have tried normally, as I consider myself a poor cook! She makes them look that good and the recipes that easy to prepare!

For those without an IP or airfryer,yes she provides alternate stovetop/oven cooking methods.

I personally think this is the best of the 3 books, in terms of organization, appeal & variety. Far superior to the 2nd cookbook for sure!
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