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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2019
As a lifetime Electronics Engineer that deeply understands the operation and build quality (or lack thereof) of such devices, and has used various chargers for more than 50 years, you can trust my experienced opinion when I tell you that this is a well-made and very well designed charger, and is of very good build quality. For the price, it's a great bargain. It's distressing to read negative reviews based in people's ignorance of products, as I have for this charger. The most common one is the complaint that it "won't charge a completely dead battery" . Of course it won't, it's a digital charger. And for those that have absolutely no knowledge of the physics of a stone dead battery, that's understanding. ANY battery that has 0 volts is a dead short to any charger. There is no potential difference between positive and negative. You must FIRST induce a charge to any battery to apply that potential difference for ANY digital charger to function. It's just that simple. Also, most batteries that have been drawn down to that absolute zero voltage state are already damaged and will never reach their full potential again. The more it happens, the less battery you get back each time.
Thus endeth the lesson.
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