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Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2018
The Heroes of Olympus is the best book series I have ever read, and I don’t read books that often. So, you really must deliver on a good piece of literature for a high school sophomore to enjoy and did this book ever deliver on its promise. First off, I love the humor of this book because it is middle school humor and is heavy on Greek and Roman mythology which I enjoy a lot. My favorite thing about the series in whole is that it takes a modern spin on Greek and Roman mythology which is very interesting because it references to old stories and gives a personality to the gods that can sometimes be cringy, but Rick Riordan nails a personality to some of the deities perfectly and gives the story some character.
The characters of this book are the same from previous books and if you have read them you will know them well by now. However, because you can only put so much into a book without making it overwhelming, it leaves some characters on the back burner. Some that I feel like needed some more attention were Jason, Hazel and most of all Frank because I had no idea what he was thinking about or reacting to some events. I understand you can’t give a chapter to everyone in this book but my favorite character, Percy, had very little screen time in the beginning but I’m ok with that because the ending of this book setup the next book extremely well.
The plot was predictable but enjoyable as because no characters were killed off, but this book put in one of the best twists in a plot I have ever read or seen because as I said earlier, the ending sets up the next book so well that I want to read it in my spare time. The plot was extremely linear but in a good way that got you to think about the possibilities of what would happen next. The events that happened were unique from each other and certainly were very interesting.
Rick Riordan’s writing style is one of my favorites because he understands the group he is writing to very well. He is very knowledgeable in Greek and Roman sources that even I have learned a lot from this book about the Greeks and the Romans. The humor in the book is pretty good and PG so if a younger child wants to read it, he can even though I am a little old for the reading level this book is in but that doesn’t mean it’s a strictly kid book, its not. It’s mostly of jokes or descriptions that a teenager would mostly understand and older kids would mostly read it because it is long.
In conclusion, would I recommend this book to someone, let alone the series. Absolutely. The book builds upon the previous two books which are also long but are completely worth it. These books are perfect for middle schoolers and high schoolers because of how long they are, but if you’re a book worm then this is a good book for even younger kids if they want to. The Author completely deserves the best-selling author title that he has because this series is an absolute work of art and I have absolute faith that the books after this will be even better.
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