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Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2018
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My wife already uses a Sonicare Series 2 PlaqueControl and one thing we can say for sure that these toothbrushes are miles better than any manual or cheaper battery operated toothbrushes can be . Seriously my wife was skeptical and mentioned that how much better can it really be compared to her Oral-B battery operated toothbrush when she started using the Sonicare - And now its is impossible for us to go back

- Brushing your teeth couldn't be easier or more thorough. All you have to do is move the toothbrush slowly sideways until the quadpacer timer (which comes on most models) reminds you to switch to a different row of teeth
- Results are actually visible - when paired with a good withenting toothpaste , you will not only feel but also notice that your teeth are whiter and shiner
- It only takes day or two to get accustomed to the high intensity vibrations of the toothbrush as you have avoid the back of the brush head hitting the teeth opposite to the ones you are brushing (it can be quite jarring )
- All Sonicare brush heads are intercompatible with each other (except the E-series) You can use diamond clean, Plaque control , ProResults , Simply Clean brush heads depending upon your requirements or budget . There are generic off-brand replacement options available as well

There is a lot of options within the Sonicare lineup of toothbrushes with increasing number of features and cost and choosing the right one can be a bit confusing. I will do my best to simplify it . But one thing you want to know of sure that ALL sonicare toothbrushes are capable of their main advertised " Upto 31,000 Brush strokes per minute" , so in reality all Brush handles have the same 'Cleaning Power' and the only difference in different models is the bundled brush heads (which you can replace anyway) , speed settings , Mode settings, Pressure Sensors, travel cases and even bluetooth app connectivity ! Here is my take on a few different models , including the new 6 Series :

Series 2 - HX6211
- One of the most economical Sonicare toothbrushes and their 'entry-level' option
- Yet it delivers the same '31,000 brush strokes' cleaning power as the most expensive Sonicare model out there
- Comes with their Plaque Control brush head (HX9023) , which is also one of their most economical options . You can always swap it with another brush head like the DiamondClean
- Has a NiMh rechargeable battery instead of Li-Ion to reduce costs , as a result its handle is thicker
- Some store exclusive models also have the quadpacer timer
- Single speed, but has a beginner mode which gently ramps up speed over the first 15 brushings
- $49 on Amazon

HealthyWhite+ HX8911
- Has 3 speed, 2 Mode settings
- Has a Li-Ion battery and hence a slimmer handle
- Comes with a plastic travel case
- Comes with the DiamondClean brush head (HX6063/64) which is one of their best available brusheads in terms of whitening performance
- Currently on sale at $49 on Amazon (as of 20th Feb) , which makes it an exceptional value for money

Series 6 - ProteciveClean (This listing)
- Has 3 speed settings
- Adds a pressure sensor as well which gently warns you by pulsing its speed creating a rhythmic sound if you press the toothbrush too hard . This is not only good for your gums but also helps in making the brush heads (which are expensive) last longer
- Also has a brush head replacement reminder indicator
- 3 Modes with which get selected automatically if you use the newer smart brush heads (which have a WiFi like symbol) . This smart select is somewhat gimmicky as you can always select the modes manually. Also the smart chip enabled brush heads are more expensive than the regular non-chip models
- Comes with the new Diamond clean (HX6063/65) chip enabled brush head. Which is really the same brush head as the regular DiamondClean head HX6063/64 with an additional embedded chip
- Quadpacer, Li-Ion battery , Travel Case
- You can also consider other models in the ProtectiveClean series if you like the pressure sensor, Models such as the 5100 or 4100 drop some features like speed control, mode control in favour of a lower cost

According to me the main feature for the Sonicare ProtectiveClean Series is its pressure sensor which not only makes it gentle on sensitive gums , but also makes its brush heads last longer . It strikes a good balance between usable features and cost without superfluous features like a mobile app etc . So if you like a Pressure Sensor equipped Sonicare (which I highly recommend) you cant go wrong with the ProtectiveClean Series (6100, 5100, 4100)
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