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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2019
Howdy! My kids love these.
1) don't install the wings upside down
2) they will get stuck up trees, so keep a ball handy so you can knock them back down.
3) add extra weight to the nose/body and they will fly 2x the distance. of the planes was slightly crooked and I had to add weight to the wing to get it to fly strait.
...the wings also get wobbly (after lots of use and abuse), so I added clay to the wing joints to keep them sturdy.

I will certainly purchase these again in the future. They are light but haven't broken after hours and hours of use.
I don't expect them to last years, but they are good as new despite constantly crashing into things (gravel, pavement, fences, etc.).

The picture shows how I added weight to the planes to get them to fly better.
I used Meguires Car Surfacing Clay - but sticky tack should work fine too.
The steel ball nested inside the black portion of the plane just didn't provide enough weight.
...particularly in windy conditions.
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